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General Questions

What does the name "shenidam" mean?

It is hard to find names for software that have never been used before for software, so the idea I had was to look into the language of my ancestors (my blood being half Persian). Shenidam means "I heard" in Persian, which is a reference to the Latin word "audio" (which means "I hear").

How does it work?

It uses cross-correlation using the Fast Fourier Transform in order to find the best signal match between the base and the track.

How much memory does it require?

It depends on the sample rate and length of your track and base. A rule of thumb is this: if your uncompressed track and base do not fit loosely into memory as 32-bit samples, it might not work.

I want to integrate shenidam in my software system. Should I use the shenidam executable or libshenidam directly?

If you have a GPL-licensed application or one for internal use, you can technically use libshenidam, but I would advise for the use of the executable because, licensing issues aside, if the application fails to allocate memory, it might segfault and crash your entire application.

Licensing issues

What version of GPL is it licensed under?

Preferably GPL3, but to avoid licensing hell, GPL2 is also possible (without asking for any permission).

I want to make a commercial motion picture, and I want to use shenidam in production. Does the GPL allow it?

OF COURSE! The GPL only concerns derived software, not uses of the software.

I want to integrate shenidam in a proprietary/GPL Incompatible application, can I?

As far as I am concerned, yes, as long as you interface with the shenidam executable (or some modified version), and not libshenidam directly. You also must publish all changes you made to the shenidam executable under the GPL license. Note that shenidam-av is GPL as well, so if you modify it, you also must publish your changes under the GPL. But other than that, just calling the software (as opposed to modifying it/linking to it) is allowed, whatever the caller's license. For more information, contact an IP lawyer.

I really do not want to be bound by the GPL. Can you sell me a license under standard commercial terms?

If you can get yourself a license for the GPLed dependencies I use in the code (FFTW, libsamplerate) or are able to modify the code to not use them any more, we can discuss a licensing agreement. As for shenidam-av, such licensing agreements are possible.